Please check whether your phone is a G1 San Fran or a G2. You can do this by downloading Ask Mr Pigfish from the Android market.
If it’s a G2, following the instructions below will brick your phone. So don’t skip this part ok?

The Rooting

I used this excellent guide to root and clean out my Orange San Francisco.

Basically it takes place in three parts:

  1. Unlock your San  Francisco (Ridiculously easy)
  2. Root your San Francisco using Universal Androot (in the guide above).
  3. Install a ROM using Clockwork via Recovery Manager

Now I got stuck at two points in this.

**Choosing a ROM
**Personally I wanted Android 2.2 (FroYo), still, there were piles and piles on Modaco’s  ROM list, so I simply went with the most popular one on their poll.

This was the FLB-Froyo G2 for ZTE Blade (2.2).

Once I’d picked a ROM, I just followed the instructions in the guide at the top and bingo, had a new FroYo install! But what’s this?

**Videos have a green line at the top!
**After a bit of googling I found the solution here, though it took me a while to figure out that in order to successfully edit/copy/rename anything in the system folder I had to

A) Rerun universal androot!

B) Go into the settings of ES File Explorer and enable superuser access.

Anyway, those few issues aside, I’m damned happy with this ridiculously good value phone!