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Adventures in IT

Configuration Management Camp 2016 Impressions

At the beginning of February I was lucky enough to attend Configuration Management Camp for the 3rd year running. The first year I attended (2013) it was my first introduction to the concept of configuration management, and god damn it was overwhelming. So many new concepts, new tools, new ideas,…

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Getting Started with Chef on Windows Server - Part 3a - Packer, Vagrant, and Vagrant Omnibus

Introduction – HashiCorp Atlas It’s been a fair few months since my last post in this series (or at all for this matter) and I haven’t made anywhere near the progress with Chefifying (definitely a word) my environment as I would like due to new more urgent projects. Since…

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LeanKit integration with ticketing system (using PowerShell)

I’m no expert on Kanban by any means, but ever since reading The Phoenix Project, I’ve been dying to try it out in the workplace. For me, there are four key things that I think Kanban can help us do that our current tools can’t: Identify queue…

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